Golf Club Distance Chart For The Beginning Golfer..

Here is the Golf Club Distance Chart..

A lot of golfers, most especially the beginners, ask about their golf club distance, or simply put, how far away they should hit with each club.  The problem with that question is that there is no definite answer as there are a lot of variables that can affect the distance covered by a swing. These different variables influence the distance that is covered by the ball, this can range from environmental factors, to the players themselves. With that being said, there is a golf club distance chart available to give you an idea of what range you can expect with each club.

A golfer who wants to shoot lower scores will have to pay attention to the three major factors that influence the golf club distance. The three major factors are golf strength, gear, and the swing mechanics.  These factors combine together to be the biggest influence on the distance that the golf ball travels. Paying attention to how these factors affect the distance covered can lead to lower scores and an overall improvement in game.

First off, golf strength. Golf strength simply refers to how accustomed a golfer’s body is to swinging the golf club. A person’s golf shape more or less dictates how well and how hard the person can hit the golf ball. Even if a player is in good athletic shape it does not mean that they are in a good golf shape. Developing a player’s golf strength relies on strengthening certain muscles in the body. The muscles that a person needs to strengthen are, from top to bottom, the shoulder muscles, core muscles, the muscle in a person’s wrist, and their leg muscles. The legs provide a good solid foundation while the core muscles help in increasing club speed. The wrist, shoulder, and forearm muscles need to be strong but also flexible for a good swing.

The gear that a player uses also has a major effect in how strong a swing will be, how much power is transferred to the golf ball, and the distance it will cover. The technological research and development that club manufacturers have invested in golf clubs has come a long way. Newer designs and build material result in more powerful swings that launch the golf ball farther than ever before. However, there is a caveat to this as no matter which kind of golf club a player uses the player’s golf strength will matter more. A player who has good gear will still be limited to their skill.

A player who knows his swing mechanics will have superior swings, which in turn affects ball striking and distance. The best players in the world know the significance of good swing mechanics. Even professional golfers make use of the services of an instructor in order to improve their swing. If a player’s swing mechanics are poor, no amount of practice will ever make up for it. It is strongly recommended to find a good golf instructor in order to improve on a player’s swing mechanics.

Of course there are other minor factors that affect golf club distance, but the major factors should be a player’s main priority.

Golf Beginners FAQ: What are the Golf Club Distances?

Here is the Golf Club Distance Chart..

This is one of the most-asked questions from a new golfer: How far can I hit with each club? What is the golf club distance? Unfortunately, the only completely honest answer is: It varies.

It depends on several factors: which clubs you are using, the type of balls you are using, the conditions under which you play (hard fairway or soft fairway? windy or calm? humid or dry? etc.), your gender and age, your level of physical fitness, your downswing, how well you are connecting with the ball. You get the idea.

It varies greatlt from one golfer to another. One person’s 7-iron distance is another person’s 5-iron distance is another person’s 3-iron distance. There is really no wrong golf club distance, there is only your golf club distance. And knowing your personal  distance is definitely more important than knowing how far each club is “supposed” to hit.

The distances listed in the chart below show a range for average amateur golfers, both female and male. You can see, the ranges are quite large, and represent short, mid and long hitters.

Club Distance Chart











































Short – Medium – Long

There is a greater gap, percentage-wise, between the longer and shorter women than there is between the longer and shorter men because better women players tend to be significantly longer than weaker women players. Especially compared to men. A male player who shoots 110 might be just as long as a guy who shoots 80. That is extremely unlikely in female players, however.

One final note: You will find charts like this one on various other sites around the Web. One thing you may notice is that the numbers rarely, if ever, match up. That is because golf club distance depends more on the player than on the clubs…